Top Indian Brands

The Best Local (Indian) Brands That Went Global

Living in times of a brand-driven world, the market is always engulfed with new choices and opportunities each day.

India, being home to a diverse and competitive market does not just introduce some of the best local brands, but has often created a distinctive global identity, putting Indian brands in the honorary global brand listing, worldwide.

Being one of the fastest-growing economies, India has a long history of diversifying and expanding its business avenues in different fields for far-reaching outcomes and to cater to international markets.

In a country with a population of 1.38 Billion, an ever-changing market, cut-throat competition and new brands leaping each day, here are some of the best Indian brands that not just overwhelmed the Indian market, but overtook the global market by a storm!



1. Fevicol


Fevicol logoEstablished in 1963 in India, a simple product- an adhesive was introduced in the local market, and fast-forwarded to today, in the year 2020 it still stands strong as the go-to adhesive for everyone.

Fevicol was primarily introduced for carpenters as, “the professional adhesive” and later has expanded its market to households & workspaces not only in India but in many countries like the US, Thailand, Egypt, and Brazil among others.

Whether for art & craft or professional use, Fevicol has paved its roots and continues to grow as one of India’s best global brands.



2. MRF

Madras Rubber Factory, popularly known as MRF was founded in 1946 in Chennai, India.MRF Logo

MRF is India’s largest tyre manufacturers and also provides other products like paints, coats, toys, motorsports and cricket equipment.

MRF introduced Perfinza- the first range of premium and luxury tyres made by an Indian company to get approval from leading international luxury car manufacturers. Today MRF is a multinational company that is introducing the Indian economy into the international luxury tyre market.




3. Titan

Titan LogoA subsidiary of Tata Group of Industries, Titan began its journey in 1984, India as Titan Watches Limited, and has grown to become one the Indian brands with an eminent hold in the global market.

Traditionally known for its range of watches, Titan has diversified its market to cater to demanding market scenarios dipping into other industries like eyewear, jewellery, as well as perfume.

It caters to about 100 million customers across at least 32 countries, making it one of the top 10 Indian brands.


4. Old Monk

Old Monk Logo

A name that resonates with rum lovers all across India and has adequately made its presence felt in the International Market by becoming a cherished IMFL brand in countries like Russia, USA, UK, Japan, UAE, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand and Canada.

This 60-year-old brand that was founded in India is easily one of the biggest IMFL brands across the globe.




5.  Zomato

Zomato LogoThe most popular Indian food delivery startup that was founded in 2008 has overturned the international markets like Auckland, Melbourne, Dubai, Lisbon, Prague, and so many more. It has credibly established itself in the food industry-domain and has around 19 million active users.

Zomato has 80% of its traffic from the International Market and is one of the fastest-growing Indian brands to captivate the global market.

 These are just a few brands, out of many to take its roots in the local Indian market and after a lot of efforts in marketing, visualization, strategies, planning and perfect executions have grown into internationally acclaimed brands.

The Indian market is driven with the belief that foreign brands offer greater value, but now is the time to support our economy and our local business and brands by using #MakeinIndia products, analyse the value of our local brands that can overturn the global markets in the future.