AI Challenges For Digital Marketers

AI Challenges For Digital Marketers

Artificial Intelligence, AI. Does this term remind you of Matrix? Or Jarvis? Or Lucy? Westworld? Terminator? Star Trek? Wall-E? and the list of sci-fi movies goes on. Of course, when we think or hear of Artificial Intelligence, it automatically paints a picture of a futuristic screen hovering in thin air and processing information with R2D2 sound effects in the background.

Well, it’s 2020 and maybe Transformers are on the rise after all!

It has all come true, maybe not the futuristic screen advancement, but the fact that AI can now store, iterate, and process the simplest to the most complex data there is.

Different sectors, industries, and firms have made a fortune by integrating AI. From manufacturers to marketers everyone has something to do with the application of AI.

Digital marketing is no different. AI has taken an impending toll in this field as well. Its hold and ever-increasing gallivant in any digital marketers’ life is inevitable. For starters, AI uses algorithms to stroll online and find your prospective customers, collect data, help devise surveys, and make data-driven decisions, all this contributing to making a digital marketers’ life more convenient.

But being inspired by AI and welcoming it aboard are two different things. So here are the AI challenges that digital marketers face in today’s age:


Dynamic AI Trends

AI can be used to promote business by digital marketers. AI bridges the gap between marketers and the target audience by making the process of generating potential leads more efficient. Automating this process increases the probability of its success. But the world of AI keeps changing continuously and the people responsible for it keep coming up with new trends, advancements, discoveries that change AI-assisted applications. Making AI-assisted software or applications more adaptable to such kind of trends and finding the right workforce to do it might cost a tidy sum to both IT firms and Digital Marketing companies to keep up with every latest trend to use it to their benefit.


Lack of Superfluous Data

To grow your business and sales with the help of AI, you need the right and lump sum amount of data that you can feed to the system for it to learn from it. That’s how AI works! So without high-quality curated data, it would be a waste to use an AI system in place for your digital marketing strategies. Big advertising and marketing agencies might be able to, but agencies with small and mid-capacity who might be able to manage to present such kind of data but there is no firm guarantee that their data will be suitable for an AI system because AI works better on high-quality datasets.


Hefty Investment

You see that chatbot on websites who are ready to serve you 24/7 or those ads that follow you based on sentiment analysis, that’s AI. That is possible because of the computational power that operates AI. Computational power followed by the huge cost of investment. Popular search engines like Google and businesses like MakeMyTrip, Magicbricks, Naukri, and Monster have already invested heavily in AI because their business relies heavily on it. It sure offers a lot of perks, but upfront capital is imperative when you wish to integrate AI.


Compromised Ethical Compass?

Machines replacing workforce: A super-computer is evidence that humans can create beyond the impossible, which means humans have created something practically faster than the human brain itself. Software and applications do half the job, what’s there left to do for us? The other half? This means the labour-market gets cut by half when it comes to hiring workforce.

Security Threat: There’s a risk that companies and agencies would have to take along with being awespired with the high-functionality of AI. It could land in the wrong hands, not to mention the severe threats on a bigger scale, plus, as tempting as AI applications are, the current scenario and their loopholes cannot be ignored.

Invasion of Privacy: AI learns from data that is fed and also has the capability of learning from the data that is analyzed and collected from sources online. For someone who wouldn’t want their searches, surfing, likes, dislikes to be tracked, it becomes an invasion of their privacy.


AI Being a Big Hit In Reality

Multi-million dollar companies are the only examples of it. It’s a world of seeing and learning, and in reality, there are not many organizations in the market that put out a leg to invest that heavily to incur the benefits of AI.


Despite the challenges, as we agreed, humankind can build the impossible. Maybe there is a future where everyone will be able to use AI. Then, what brands want, what digital marketers have to do, and what the customers need will align to make this communication pipeline work better.